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released April 8, 2014

Recorded at Jump Goat Studios. Mixed at The Waldkirch House. Mastered at Pathos House.

Mixing Engineer - Harrison Straton
Mastering Engineer - Jesse Samler

Album Art - Ellen Pelletier


all rights reserved



Tilt Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Gone (For Now)
I think it's time for me to say I can't adjust.
I'm running to a place that's far and far away.

So don't lead me astray with thoughts and plans
concerning us, expired all but yesterday.

Ignore another day. It's all that I can take.
I'm gone for now. I'm gone for now.

Apologize and close my eyes, escape and case away.
Because I can't adjust the plans that we never made.

Lately I've been feeling walls around me.
They're closing in. I'm never coming out.

I'm not coming out.

And all along I thought that I was safe when I was all alone.
Track Name: Angst
Getting past the last year, getting out of you, it's crippling--
letting all of these things pass away.

I could go away from here, but I could go away from anything.
It's nothing but a teenaged angst and it's grabbing on to everything I see.

Coming down from last year, I'm not getting a break from anything.
It's getting hard to accept it's all the same.
I might be a looser. I'm playing into all your little games.
But there's nothing really left for me to say.

I know the ways you play with me, wrapped up in all the things you think we could be.

I just can't sit here waiting, fading to erase your everything.
Blank the page and start again (just try to over-think this).
I could leave it all here, drift away, pretend that I'm okay.
But I can't run away from anything.

I couldn't wait to let things be, even if shapes were shifting right in front of me. Nothing ever seems the way it should be.
Track Name: Looming Distance
Staring at the ceiling hoping something will emerge and loom above my bed and enter in my head.

Hopelessly laying here in nothing but my disbelief, false anxiety.

Now I'm all alone (trapped in my head again).
Face down on the floor (staring out the window).
Now I'm all alone (trapped in my head again).
Looming distance.

And all I can believe is that something will appear and rescue me.

Rescue me.
Track Name: Sway
It's hard to say that it's only gonna be once before you feel the weight of everything in your chest.

And don't ask me what all this means; I'm only here to speculate, sitting back to watch you sway away.

It's over now. We're over now.

I went away. How's everything been going? Are you still in pain, because it's all I ever wanted.

And I'm okay with killing days watching all of this take place, sitting back to watch you sway away.

It's over now. We're over now.

It's over now. It's only been a bad dream. But it's hard to say that it's only gonna be once.

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